Create your App FROM SCRATCH

MVP building map for non-technical Start-up Founders

App Name

Find a name that everyone will remember

App icon

Create an icon that will capture attention and clearly identify your app

User flow (UX)

Create realistic, functional UX prototypes to get user feedback

Mockups (Design)

The first step to actually start creating your app

Productivity/Project management

Create your timeline

Fast Beta app

Build fast your first product


Build the front-end without coding and download actual code.


Create any function you want and connect it with the front-end using APIs


Find the best database based on the backend you have built

Website (optional)

Creating a web page will make it easier for you to generate organic downloads


Monetization will make your app sustainable and will be the reward for the money and the time you have spent


Notifications will increase your user engagement

App Stores

Publishing the app to the right platforms will give you access to a bigger audience

Download the app and become part of Hephaestus tools community

Successful startups that they used no code tools for the MVP

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If you want to add a tool or a category

We share the best available solutions on each category, if you have created a platform that can help founders build their MVPs, fell free to send us a message

Startups we helped with Hephaestus tools

More and more start-up founders are using tools to build their product.

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